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warrenbritt The instrumental arrangements, I love how they shine and sparkle. So Sparkly!!! Favorite track: Give Me Your Paw, Panda.
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Recorded in San Diego and Seattle
2011 – 2013


released August 1, 2015

Carly Toyer - ukulele and vocals
Mike Sherk - guitar, bass, keyboards, drums,
backing vocals
Zach Burba - drums on “Treat Yourself”,
saxophone on “Andy”
Max Bennett-Parker - keyboards on “Treat
Yourself” and “Andy”
Anna Zinova - fiddle on “Sparkly” and “Reckless”
Odie O’Connor - drums on “Reckless”

Songs by Carly Toyer
Produced by Mike Sherk
Mixed by Ted Gabbard and Mike Sherk
Cover Photo by Carly Ng

Love and Thanks:
Merl & Paula McColgan-Toyer
Carly & Jamie & Gary Ng
Annie & Jerry Sherk
Bowie Hubble Space Telescope DiCaprio
Andy Ng
Anja Jerkovic
Devin Longfellow
Dan Faughnder
Matty Terrones
Morgan Miller
Megaan MacLaggan
Shelby Ling
Rami Abu-Sitta
Jackie Canchola
Robert Dowling
Audrey Juarez
Her Color Wheel Collective
Birdhouse Family
Meter Music School




carlz barkley Seattle, Washington

timeless songstress

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Track Name: Treat Ya'self
when you decide to be be all up on me, don't make that puppy face. unless you're a dog, i don't wanna be your mom. you're a distraction, and i need some action in a self-loving and self-serving way- amen rupaul, praise beyonce.

it's time i quit taking care of everyone else, so here's to my health. think i'll go ahead and treat me, go ahead and treat yourself.

oh, what therapy delirium can be; i'm tickled and i'm heartbroke simultaneously. nobody has to know. nobody has to see me show up alone, and dance so hard, and then just f-ing leave.
Track Name: Give Me Your Paw, Panda
star panda, won't you open up your eyes?
we caught you staring at the sun so long this time
so give your squinty face a rest
take a breath, puff out your panda chest
put your paws down, there will be no fighting tonight

star panda, where's the cap for your cologne?
you're the sweetest smelling mammal we've ever known
so put some sunscreen on your knees
'cause a burn could sting like killer bees
and i know i could not start a dance party alone

little panda scribbling on my drawing pad
i see you drew a duck throwing up and a rusty rainbow robot dad
he looks SO RAD

star panda, won't you give a beer a try?
99 bottles of hard cider in the sky
so put your drunken paw in mine
and we'll squint until the end of time
grooving sweetly by the RV
little star p, let your fur fly
Track Name: The Whiskey Song
i'm bringing whiskey next time. i had a nice night, but you're so shy (and so was i) so maybe i'll bring some whiskey next time. or i could bring some bourbon next time. it felt so nice getting close to you, but i think there's more i would like to do, and i think you'd be into it too, so maybe i'll bring some bourbon next time.

i wouldn't mind knowing what your arms feel like. i could show you what my lips can do. i brought an album, it's perfect for kissin', so honey just listen.

eventually i might know what you like and you'll know what i like and we won't need no dranks that night.
Track Name: Reckless
there were times when i was trustin' and naive
my lust for love was sweet and sweepin'
then came the days it all turned ugly
slammin' doors and fightin' words, you kept me weepin'
so i raised a toast, drank to your ghost, wrote down "get it together" on my checklist
but i can't help feelin' haphazard, i'm still haunted by that bastard
now i'm reckless

i'm a whole lotta woman
but i sure ain't cautious, careful, or self-trustin'
and when it comes to my companions, you can bet your ass my sweet tooth needs adjustin'
i get out yer bed and search my head for reasons i get into all these messes
but i'm drunk on your vibrations, i don't care for calculations
cause i'm reckless

what can i do?
i just love you
you'll never know 'cause, oh, you love you too
but i'll never lose
as long as i'm aloof and listless
keep you within spittin' distance
kiss you deep and then put on my walkin' shoes

if you've got romanticisms,
i've got defense mechanisms up my sleeve
but if you laugh at all my jokes and give my cheek a couple strokes,
i'll never leave
and it's probably mean that i'm so keen on keepin' our love so damn disconnected
if you float, i'll pull you under, and if you roll, i'll steal your thunder
cause i'm reckless

oh, i'm bad. but i ain't evil!
and i'll sabotage myself before another
and, though i'm howlin' like a cartoon wolf,
i'm just a little puppy undercover
well if god above gave me all this love, why couldn't she teach me how to express it?
i'm a sloppy go-getter and a skillful pantywrecker
and i'm reckless

was it your mission to test me?
'cause you wrecked me
so i'll get wrecked and get reckless
let's get reckless
Track Name: Go Slow
i've been known to be available and sweet, then disconnect, and retreat, and repeat. can't lay low, it'd behoove me to try and get close to you without touching you. truth be told- i'd like to rearrange your radio. truth be told- i wouldn't usually order up a dish like you. you're not home, but i can help you pretend. i'm the kind of a friend you should know. i don't go slow.

i've concluded i'm bored by everything you say. but lying on my side to watch you breathe is okay (to watch you sleep by day). heres the deal, you're mega-ultra fine without your clothes. but let's be real, we're goin' 'round pretending to be close when we're barely even bros. you ain't got much soul, but i can help you pretend. i'm the kind of a friend who'll stroke your ego. but i won't go slow.

love goes out of season when you beeline for their pants. it's probably the reason why i miss romance.

you're no fool- and if you will allow me to be blunt; i'm playing it cool, and all this slinky laughter's just a front, and i'm just a jerk who thinks this will work as long as i can pretend i'm your little girlfriend, ugh, i don't know why i don't go slow.
Track Name: I Miss Romance
i miss romance
won't you come on home and do something romantical to me?
instead i'm remembering other boys who have said pretty things to me
like: "i want to attack your face" and "you remind me of varying animal collective albums."

i miss romance
won't you pull me close and say something romantical to me?
nobody's ever written me a song
but i could write like 10 different songs for 10 different boys all at once
you know when someone's talking real pretty, and you wanna be closer, so you scoot over?

i miss romance
won't you scoot on over? won't you get real close to me?
today i saw 2 cute people holding hands, and they were walking sweetly down the street, and a little yellow butterfly fluttered all around them and hovered closely as they walked. i wonder if they noticed.

i miss romance
won't you flutter over? won't you hover around me?

i miss romance

i miss romance.
let's hold hands.
Track Name: Andy
you're as kind as your beard is long, and i could hold you all night
if getting lost in your yellow eyes is wrong, then andy i don't want to be right
good boys are hard to find, and i don't really mind it if you're bad sometimes
don't give up on me andy, because i haven't given up on you

i never thought that love could be so silent and so sweet
there's so much that i wanna say to you, but you've got no words for me, andy

if you wanna sit beside me with your head in my neck, you know i wouldn't object
always thought i'd want a boy to follow right behind my heels, and as it turns out, i was correct
you're just a sleepy guy, and you seem to make this giant bed go down in size
cuddle up with me andy, we've got a whole lotta dreamin' to do

check the surf online but decide to stay inside a bit
i'll let you borrow my heart andy, i know you're good for it
look out the window andy, i've got a brand new song to play for you
Track Name: Sparkly
never knew i was a snarky cowgirl til i hit the road and met a man who hitched his bike to a waypost every night
always thought i was a one-town pony, ponytailed, polite
til jackie told me "you're a breath of fresh air. you know that, right?"

i'm no good at romance
i meet dogs and think that we belong
and while sweethearts hang around, i only will commit to song
don't know much about you, but i know you know how to get down
friendship is an involuntary reflex when you're around

there's a glimmer of hope i could take something serious
it's gleamin' on the ocean
it's reflecting off your teeth
and i could swear it's not just a flash in the pan, soon i'll understand that prospects of love don't all end darkly, and that i am something sparkly

my band's names in the mercury, my tape is in your car
i could karate chop my way into your little green arms
but i'm hoping that you'll say "come 'ere" and we'll take it from there
i think there's sweetness in the future &
gold glitter in the air